About TED

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (“TED Talks”).

About TEDx

TEDx is an independently organized event in the spirit of these TED talks, uniquely tailored to local ideas and community. TEDx events receive licensing permissions from TED when an application for an event is approved, following strict rules to maintain the legacy and

About TEDxUofL

TEDxUofL is a locally organized independent TEDx event periodically organized by a group of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Louisville. The inaugural TEDxUofL event was held in March of 2012. TEDxUofL 2015 will be the second installment of this event series.

About TEDxUofL 2015: Interconnected

The purpose of TEDxUofL 2015 is to present an opportunity for discussion and learning that is engaging and inspiring. The collective group of students, faculty, and community leaders will create a dynamic space with intimate communication that goes beyond traditional educational paradigms, encourages collaboration, and bridges into community activism.

The purpose of TEDxUofL 2015 is to define, explain, and expose the interconnectedness of life through a series of short presentations by speakers from many different fields of study. The theme of “Interconnected” will be dissected, re-constructed, and examined in an effort to build a framework for looking at how we think and behave. Faulty mental models of the direct cause-and-effect paradigm inhibit creative problem solving and “bigger picture” thinking. We fall often under the commonly held assumption that being “interconnected” is just another way to talk about working together, failing to see the real essence of what it truly means to be interconnected. TEDxUofL 2015 will challenge the audience to reflect on their own behaviors and thought processes in order to integrate the presented ideas about interconnectedness into their daily lives.

The variety of disciplines and topics presented will give multiple points of view to allow for a fully considered definition and application of the concept of interconnectedness.

TEDxUofL 2015: Interconnected

Session 1: Sustainability
Session 2: Discovery
Session 3: Dynamism

Directors of TEDxUofL 2015:

Stacey Reason, Director and Licensee
Candidate: MA/MPA, Graduate May 2015

(not pictured)
Hillary Sullivan, Assistant Director
Candidate: MA, Graduate December 2015

(not pictured)
Liz Smith, Speaker Coordinator
Candidate: MA, Graduate May 2015

(not pictured)
Megan Bogard-Gettlefinger, Speaker Coordinator
Candidate: MA, Graduate May 2015

Bailey Mazik, Hype Coordinator
Candidate: MA, Graduate May 2015

(not pictured)
Matt McGee, IT
Candidate: MUP, Graduate May 2015

Erika Wozinak, Venue and Social
Candidate: BS, Graduate May 2015

(not pictured)
Jacque Joyce,
Candidate: MUP, Graduate May 2015

(not pictured)
Jess Brown, Sponsorship
Candidate: MPA/MUP, Graduate May 2015

Austin Grimes, Logistics
Candidate: BS, Graduate May 2015

(not pictured)
Jacob White, Assistants