TEDxUofL 2015 “Interconnected” Speaker Line-Up

Patti Clare, AICP, Deputy Director, Office of Advancement Planning, LOUISVILLE FORWARD

Justin Mog, PhD, Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives, University of Louisville

Christen Boone, CEO, Fund for the Arts

Matt Hasenjager, PhD Candidate, University of Louisville

Rev. Edgar Paul Herrington IV, MDiv.

Caleb Sheehan, BA

Ben Self, MA

Andrew Cozzens, MFA

Theo Edmonds, Co-Founder, IDEAS 40203

Pat Smith, Civic Data Alliance

Valerie Fuchs, MFA

We are no longer accepting proposals for TEDxUofL 2015.

Thank you for your interest!






For TEDxUofL 2015, our theme is “Interconnected”. We are building our speaker list around a very specific goal of explaining, engaging, and proposing facets of interconnectedness through three sessions.

Session 1: Sustainability — will target examples of how people have utilized an interconnected approach or theory in their work
Session 2: Discovery — will look at interconnected processes to understand interconnectedness and its implications/assumptions
Session 3: Dynamism — will propose future actions around the dynamic possibilities of interconnectedness


Please address the relation of your topic to one of these sub-themes, and justify why it should be an appropriate fit for this year’s theme of “Interconnected.”