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Andrea Davidson

Andrea Davidson

Louisville based singer/songwriter and humanitarian Andrea Davidson aims to use her soulful folk music for global betterment.

Her music is suffused with a multitude of influences ranging from the melodic vibrations of The Beatles to the lyrical resonance of Bob Dylan, the soulful sounds of Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye, to the acoustic feel of Ray LaMontagne and Patty Griffin. Andrea interrupted her year long recording process of Retracing Steps to travel to Cape Flats in South Africa where she taught music to a school of children living in highly underprivileged areas for two months. Her main interest lies in making change through her music whether it be awareness in areas of social justice, the environment or through any other forms of activism involving peace/nonviolence movements. She is a humanitarian and is looking for ways to merge her music and global betterment into one powerful package.