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Cathe Dykstra
Chief Possibility Officer

Cathe Dykstra has been working on fixing the urban problems at its very roots. 

A long serving civic service leader, Cathe Dykstra runs the non-profit organization Family Scholar House in Louisville. Aimed at providing support to various at-risk groups, Dykstra's organization has brought many families from the margins of society into mainstream where they now lead healthy and productive lives. 

Family Scholar House operates with an objective of strategic capacity building for at-risk single parent families by empowering them to earn college degrees and thus enabling them to successfully integrate as productive members of the society. As Younger Women's Club noted, she describes her position as chief possibility officer and focuses on seeking a longer term solution to various problems in communities rather than just a short term fix. Under her guidance and leadership, Family Scholar House has seen substantial increase in its ability to serve much larger group through an expanded network of campuses which serve more than 150 families.

Prior to Family Scholar House, Cathe worked at the Center for Women and Families and also at a senior citizen support program.